A movie that left Karan Johar in tears

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Fimmaker Karan Johar broke down into tears
Fimmaker Karan Johar broke down into tears

New Delhi : Karan Johar is known for magical stories that touches people's souls and sometimes made them cry too. But, a latest movie left him in big tears. The filmmaker shared that he cried his heart out after watching Nicole Kidman starrer "Lion".

"Lion", in the lead role, stars British actor of Indian origin Dev Patel, who received immense praise from Karan Johar for his work in the movie.

Karan on Friday tweeted: "Cried my heart out in LION... and absolutely loved Dev Patel... sad and cathartic....but so magical in many moments."

The movie is based on non-fiction book "A Long Way Home" by Brierley. It has majorly been shot in Australia and Kolkata.

"Lion" has been scheduled to release in India on February 24, 2017.