Azaan row: Fatwa against Sonu Nigam, ready to shave off head in reply

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Sonu Nigam over Fatwa in Azaan Row
Sonu Nigam over Fatwa in Azaan Row

Mumbai : This time Sonu Nigam is ready to do anything to stand by his words over Azaan, which he claimed to be as forced religiousness and 'gundagardi'. 

To ensure he meant everything mentioned in his tweets, the Indian Idol judge has agreed to shave off his head in reply to fatwa against him that claimed Rs 10 lakh for the one who shaves off his head.

A cleric had announced, "Rs 10 lakh to anyone who can shave his (Sonu's) hair, put a garland of old torn shoes around his neck and tour him around the country."

Hitting back hard on Twitter, Sonu Nigam wrote, "Today at 2pm Aalim will come to my place, and shave my head. Keep your 10 lakhs ready Maulavi... And Press is welcome to participate at 2pm."

The whole controversy started on Monday when Sonu Nigam chose to share his distress over loudspeakers on religious places.