Gulzar Sahab turns 83, five facts about him to cherish the day

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Gulzar turns 83
Gulzar turns 83

New Delhi : “Ek sapne ke tootkar Chakna choor ho jaane ke baad Doosra sapna dekhne ke hausle ko Zindagi kehte hain”

 From dialogues that would stay forever in our minds to songs whose lyrics bagged Grammy awards for India, He is jack of all trades 

Legendary poet and lyricist Gulzar Sahaab turns 83 on Friday. The writing legend, Gulzar Sahaab is known to weave emotions through his words. He not just writes to earn, he writes his feelings. His words hold power to create a turmoil of emotion within true shayari lovers. It goes without saying that he is an inspiration of many aspiring poets. 

Gulzar Sahaab was born in Jelum, Punjab on August 18, 1934 as Sampooran Singh Kalra. He got his first break after many years of struggle through Bimal Roy's film 'Bandini'. Besides being an accomplished lyricist, Gulzar has also proved his worth when it comes to the art of filmmaking.

Looking back at his journey so far, here are a few facts about him that not many of us know about:

1. Before gaining acclaim for his unmatched talent, he used to work as a mechanic in a garage

2. He was consistently rebuked for wasting his time in writing by his family

3. Initially, he took the pen name Gulzar Deenvi and later shortened it to Gulzar

4. His song ‘Humko mann ki shakti dena.’ is still commonly sung as a prayer in schools

5. Gulzar sahab gave words to one of our favorite childhood songs, ‘chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai’ from Jungle book

If only we had a few more men as talented as him, how beautiful the world could be.