Karan Johar's hilarious response to his son's 'Karan Joker' tag

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Karan Johar's hilarious response to his son's 'Karan Joker' tag
Karan Johar's hilarious response to his son's 'Karan Joker' tag

New Delhi : Karan Johar came up with a hilarious reply over a tag given to him by his two-year-old son Yash. Revealing about it, he mentioned that Yash calls him Karan Joker.

He wrote, "My son just called me Karan JOKER! I think he follows me on Instagram!"

Karan Johar is famous for his unique poses and fashion styles on the Instagram. He can be seen pouting, taking selfies and featuring the multi-coloured outfits on the photoblogging website.

Bestselling author Amish Tripathi shared that his son preferred Riordan’s books over his and joked that sons exist just to give their fathers a reality check. “My son thinks Rick Riordan’s books are better than mine! I think sons exist to bring us obsessive fathers down to earth!!!” he replied to Karan’s tweet.

Meanwhile, Karan Johar had admitted that he is very active on the social media and gives time to read comments, specially from his haters.

He was quoted in an IANS report, “All the praise, all the criticism somewhere makes you stronger. I read a lot of criticism and wake up to abuse sometimes and wake up to the nasty things they write about me but some of the things they write are actually true.”

“When they criticise you, they are coming from some place of information that you must also have about yourself. Hence, it’s important to read the good and the bad and sometimes just turn your face from the ugly,” he added.