Parth Patel; a very talented DJ and Singer

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Parth Patel; a very talented DJ and Singer
Parth Patel; a very talented DJ and Singer

New Delhi : Music is an art. This art is available in a very few people. The person, who has the knowledge about the art is known as Artist. It is said that …

An artist is born, can’t be made.

​Music is an ancient art. There are a lot of proofs about the presence of this art from the ancient times. With the passage of time, there is a lot of change in this art form. Instruments played in the ancient times are totally different from the instruments used today. There are different instruments even for the singing art too. There are different filters available for filtering the voice before it is available for the common people. The DJ is the common dance and music platform today. In the holy occasions and in the parties, the DJ Party is the most common factor today. The music has faced a lot of change in this duration of development. The only factor, which has not changed during this duration is the entertainment factor. Music is meant to express the feeling of any person. It is meant to entertain people. 

​There are many artists in our music industry. These artists include many singers. These singers make the songs heart touching. The list of talented singers of our industry is very long. This list includes a singer named ‘Parth Patel’. Parth Patel is a singer from USA. He sings for our music industry. Parth is interested in singing and DJ from very childhood. He is a very shy person by nature. On asking, why did he choose this career, He replied very politely that to become a DJ and sing beautiful songs to entertain people is my only dream from very childhood. “I love to see the people dancing on my DJ mix. I like to see their expressions when they listen to my songs. Music is my soul.”

​Parth Patel has put a lot of efforts to make his dream a reality. There is an investment of many sleepless nights for the successful career. Parth is getting famous gradually. His songs are getting more and more likes on virtual platforms. He is getting famous among music loving people. Hard work and persistence are the only mantras for the success in life. Letswish a very good luck for this talent singer and DJ for his bright future. Readers can contact Parth Patel from his social media account.