Revealed! Why Kajol didn’t board train coach straight away

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New Delhi : On the 20th Anniversary of famous Bollywood movie ‘Dilwale Dhulania Le Jayenge’ (DDLJ), the mystery behind Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan’s train sequence is now solved.

What was the buzz all about?

From jokes to serious discussions there were many who raised their voices for the same concern – Why didn’t Kajol straight away boarded the coach in front of her instead of running like a mad woman for Shah Rukh Khan’s hand in epic train scene.

The joke was on King Khan too, why he didn’t pull the chain to stop the train? It would have convenient for both.

For those who are still wondering what we are talking about. See this video


Why we are discussing it now?

Well, folks the good news is that answer to the mystery is out now. And, it is revealed by none other than Kajol and Shah Rukh themselves.


The answer lies in lovely video below, which is also a tribute from SRK and Kajol to their most loved movie of Bollywood DDLJ.