Salman Khan laughs off Forbes list of highest paid actors

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Salman Khan laughs over Forbes list
Salman Khan laughs over Forbes list

New Delhi : Forbes magazine recently released list of highest paid actors from 1 June 2016 to 1 June 2017, saying that Salman Khan tops it with an earning of $38 million (approx. Rs 245 crore). 

But, it seems like Salman Khan is in no mood to agree with the mentioned statistics; in an interview, he himself was wondering where all his money goes.

“You know Shah Rukh and I were speaking last night, and we said, “Yeh kya (Forbes’ list) hai? Hamesha, we fall short of money to buy this or that…” I still haven’t been able to buy my house. I used to fall short by a few lakhs before, and then it became a crore, then few, and now I’m short by quite a few crores to buy my own place. And then this Forbes’ list!” Salman said in an interview to Mid-Day.

He continued, “I don’t have that money. I seriously don’t have that money. I was going through it and going, “Yeh paise kahan hai, bhai? Kidhar?” When a film makes Rs 500 crore, only a very nominal amount from that comes to you. It’s just that your business is worth Rs 500 crore.”

Well, with Salman Khan saying this a big question mark has definitely been posted on the credibility of Forbes magazine ratings.