Society looks at men, women differently when it comes to virginity: Kabir Sadanand

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Kabir Sadanand has come up with web series titled Virgin Woman Diaries
Kabir Sadanand has come up with web series titled Virgin Woman Diaries

Mumbai : After "Married Women Diaries", actor-director Kabir Sadanand has come up with another web series titled "Virgin Woman Diaries". He says as compared to men, Indian society judges and questions a woman differently on the topic of virginity.

"I think our society looks at a man and a woman differently when it comes to virginity, there is a double standard. If a guy has a girlfriend he is a stud and if a girl has a boyfriend she is ‘easy'. The new show is addressing all these issues and giving an 18-year-old girl's view point on the same," Kabir told IANS.

Through "Married Women Diaries", Kabir is addressing the issue of how society judges a woman who has an independent mind and the problem she goes through when she decides to get married to her boyfriend, on a lighter vein.

With TV shows like "Naagin", "Sasural Simar Ka" and "Pehredaar Piya Ki", Kabir feels the content of TV entertainment is becoming regressive and "digital entertainment is becoming an interesting space to be in."

"On ‘Married Women Diaries' we have got around 15 million each, which is quite a number of audience. Whenever something niche we put on television, there comes a doubt on how many people are watching them and therefore I think the digital platform is where we can address issues through entertainment," Kabir said.

"It allows us to experiment, and there is a free flow of creativity. However, our show is a fun take on all these social issues and nothing preachy," he added.

Produced by Frog Pictures in association with Lehren Networks, the web series launches on August 28.