Terrorism and arts should not be mixed, says Salman Khan

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New Delhi : Bollywood actor Salman Khan on Friday supported Pakistani artists who were asked to leave India in wake of militant attack in Uri Army base camp.

Dabangg Khan said that they are just artists and banning them in India is no solution to terrorism.

"Pakistani artistes are just artists and not terrorists. Terrorism and art are two different subjects. They come with a proper visa and the government gives them a work permit," Salman said, when asked about his take on banning actors from Pakistan following the Uri attack.


# Bollywood actor Salman Khan showed support to Pakistani artists working in India.

# Art and terrorism should not be mixed, said Salman Khan when asked about his take on imposing the ban on Pakistani actors.

# Fawad Khan had recently flown back to Pakistan after protests against him with an ultimatum to leave the nation.

# Veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal also said that there is no reason why Pakistani artists should be banned in India.

# Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap posted a question how will banning Pakistani actors solve the problem.

# Salman's comments started trending on Twitter with his fans supporting the actor while other slamming him and accusing him of being against India.