Thugs of Hindostan: Here's what critics are talking about

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Poster of Thugs of Hindostan
Poster of Thugs of Hindostan

New Delhi : The much-awaited Thugs of Hindostan, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan among others has been released. While audiences are coming up with mixed reviews about the movie, critics share their views and opinion about the film. 

Thugs of Hindostan open with 1795 scence with a father and a daughter building a sand-castle. The scence seems easy to guess and you will, instantly know where the movie is leading to. 

Bachchan plays Khudabaksh Jahaazi, who hates the idea of ‘Angrezon ki ghulami’, and harbours the dream of ‘azaadi’, along with his ‘fauj’. He also has a fierce-looking kite/eagle who circles him (no, this is not Coolie), as he goes about guarding the life of young-princess-in-hiding Zafira (Shaikh), and trying to get the greedy turncoat Firangi Mallah (Khan) into a desh-bhakt, who hangs out with his jokey ‘bachpan-ka-dost’ (Ayyub) when not making whoopee with a sexy ‘nachaniya’ (Kaif).

The film will let you see the sword-fights on land and sea. And, just like the characters, the film starts skimming up ropes on ships and swinging from trees in jungles. 

There are stagey, talky face-offs between Bachchan and Khan, and trying-to-be-kindling glances between Khan and Shaikh, and Kaif in jaw-dropping shake-it-shake-it mode, armed with a trademark risible dialogue

And, now the Aamir Khan is the one who has something to give. His curly mop coloured a carrot shade, a glint-in-the-eye Awadhi thug. And while he’s around, it’s justified. The rest is so-so.