Hariprem Films producing traditional Rajasthani music with futuristic sounds

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Hariprem Films producing traditional Rajasthani music with futuristic sounds
Hariprem Films producing traditional Rajasthani music with futuristic sounds

New Delhi : What’s the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Rajasthan? Its royal charm and cultural richness? Its massive lakes engulfing palaces and forts? It’s vast endless deserts? It’s magical folk music and story-telling traditions? It’s true that Rajasthan is all this, but it is also so much more. Glimpses of a glorious past aside, did you know that one company in particular has envisioned a fantastic future for land of the Maharajas? Enter Hariprem Films, a premier production company based in Banswara - The city of a hundred Islands. 

Nitin Samadhiya, the MD and CEO of HaripremFilms, is on cloud nine today. In twelve short years, his passion for the film arts and crafts has paid off well. After all, how many have had the honour of working with the effervescent Padmashri Suresh Wadkar, whose voice can be heard in virtually every Hindi hit film between the 70s and today? How many can even dream of sharing credits with the renowned Shankar Mahadevan or Sufi sensation, Kailash Kher?

It’s no wonder that Samadhiya has been nominated for Best Sound Engineer at the ZEE Sagarika Music Awards for the album ‘Kanherichi Phule’. Incidentally, Samdhiya’s sound engineering skills have also landed him in the Limca Book of Records for the same album!

Since its inception in 2008, Hariprem Films has expanded its portfolio to include prestigious projects for the Shiv Sena and the Government of Rajasthan. It has worked with over 200 of the top conglomerates from India and the world over, while handling commercial advertising and marketing accounts of respected Rajasthani brands. Most recently, their 2021 release ‘Badhta Ja’ with Shankar Mahadevan, a motivational song composed by Kiran Kumar Bhatt and arranged and recorded by Tejas Chavan and Samadhiya himself, opened to rave reviews by audiences. In fact, Hariprem’s YouTube channel boasts a whopping 17 million audience views! 

Today, Samadhiya is most interested in the future and what it holds for his beloved home-state. He hopes that one day Rajasthan will be a major hub for music in India. To achieve this Hariprem Films’ offerings have expanded to include dance and futuristic music, traditional, cultural and folk music, devotional music and finally romantic songs in multiple languages like Hindi, Rajasthani and Punjabi. In fact, their upcoming Rajasthani-Hindi track features popular actress Tridha Choudhury, best known for her role in Prakash Jha’s successful crime web-series Aashram. 

With a plethora of successful projects like ‘Betiyaan’, a unity song for the Central Government of India, ‘Swaranim Suraj’ for the Government of Rajasthan, ‘Satarangi Rajasthan’ featuring singers Priyanka Barve and HemangJoshi receiving over 16+ million views and ‘BanniSa’ featuring Mame Khan and Priyanka Barve, Harpirem films has also excelled in creating non-fiction content for industry giants like Tata Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra. Their documentary film credits include one on the Jain religion and the French documentary “On The Road of Self Employment”. 

Along with upcoming musical collaborations with industry stalwarts like Swaroop Khan singing ‘Vidaai’, Prateek Gandhi singing ‘Aao Sa’, ‘Pacharangi Leheriyo’, a duet with Suvarna Tiwari (Who lent her voice to the hit movie Thappad) ‘Saans Re Dhaage’ featuring Sonesh Arya and Garima Chouhan and finally, Hariprem Films has also announced production on their own web-series starring known Bollywood actors. 

Hariprem Films’ success lies in its eclectic approach to entertainment. On one hand, it has a firm hold on the commercial and traditional markets, with millions of fans awaiting each release impatiently, while on the other hand, it’s promoting futuristic genres in the state. To put things into context here, the Rajasthani music industry has never witnessed this sort of musical renaissance before. Imagine a combination of Rajasthani folk music with drum and bass or electronica? Now that’s something to look forward to!

For more information, visit www.haripremfilms.com

Contact Hariprem Films: Jawahar Colony, Partapur, Banswara (Rajasthan)

Mobile: + 91-9784304264

E-Mail: enquiry@haripremfilms.com