Music producer Saqib Aslam aka Apisthebull talks about mistakes people make in the music industry

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Saqib Aslam
Saqib Aslam

New Delhi : The tremendous account of growth that the music industry has seen is almost incredible. Slowly and steadily the industry has become the perfect place for different people to show off their different talents. While many stars get to the top in no time, countless others get lost in the way. Music producer Saqib Aslam aka AP has seen this happening often and he knows how daunting the industry can be for a newcomer.

When AP was in his 20s he managed to create San Francisco-based music label Apis Records and since then has been working tirelessly to give a platform to Hip Hop artists to make their name in the industry.

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As someone who has been around for a while, he believes that there are certain mistakes new artists make in the industry.

The music producer shared that claims if you work hard it will eventually pay off. There is no shortcut to success, even if you blow up overnight, you still have to work hard to maintain that.

Another mistake that people make in this industry is having low confidence. It is all about what you show to the world. Music is now more about your brand than your melody. So, when you are stepping into the world of music, have faith in yourself.

AP himself came from a different world altogether. He was into the field of public administration but then decided to be involved with the music industry.

In a short duration of time, he has managed to lift himself up and has worked with many prominent names in the music industry including Travis Scott and more.

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