Dhadak's Janhvi Kapoor poster is now Mumbai Police meme

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Mumbai Police new style to deal with traffic offenders
Mumbai Police new style to deal with traffic offenders

Mumbai : There is ‘Dhadak’ everywhere! Yes, the trailer of Janhvi Kapoor's Bollywood debut film Dhadak is gaining immense attention in the Internet, television and social media. It’s a remake of the 2016 Marathi film Sairat with a little modification by producer Karan Johar. Amidst the non-stop talking about Dhadak, Mumbai Police has come up with a meme, likely a new way to deal with traffic rule breakers. 

While Dhadak bug has bitten Mumbai police, the movie which is yet to be released, is getting diverse reviews. Some says that lead actors, Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter's lack of emotions in the trailer, others found the lavish set design way too much for a film inspired by a low-budget movie like Sairat. The trailer appears to be hit in the Internet despite of a few negative reviews. 

In a tweet, the Mumbai Police used a still from the Dhadak trailer to send a message across.

"Don't underestimate the emotional quotient of traffic signals!! And their e-challan is anyways not too happy with your relationship #TrafficSignalMatters (sic)" read the tweet from the Mumbai Police's official account, with a still image from Dhadak trailer where Janhvi asks Ishaan, "Kya naatak kar raha hai, mujhe dekh kyu nahi raha?"

Sources confirmed that Janhvi Kapoor has been handling the praise and criticism quite positively.

In an interview to India Today Television this week, Janhvi said, "I'm just really thankful for the love that it's gotten. It's been overwhelming. I hope they [people who did not like the trailer] change their mind after watching the film."

Janhvi spoke about handling the criticism that go along with stardom.

"Up until this point it was like, if they're going to criticise me for how I look while coming out of the gym, I don't really care. But all of a sudden, now I'm a little more nervous because I am supposed to be good at this, right? This is what I've wanted to do. I want people to love me. The only thing that you can do is work hard and give it your all and hope that that's enough. But usually, you never know. I think that the only thing I'm trying to do is honest work. I hope that one day I will deserve people's love," said the Dhadak actor.

Late Sridevi’s 21-year-old daughter also added, "You're criticised even for being 'proper'. I don't think it's anything that I have any right to complain about. It is flattering that people take that kind of time out of their day to give me that kind of attention. I hope one day I do something to deserve it."