Kangana Ranaut turns 31, celebrates her birthday by planting trees

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Kangana Ranaut celebrates her birthday by gardening around her bungalow in Manali
Kangana Ranaut celebrates her birthday by gardening around her bungalow in Manali

New Delhi : Kangana Ranaut turns 31 today. She is celebrating her birthday by planting trees around her bungalow in Manali. She is doing the green task over the last one week.

This unique style of birthday celebration by the ‘queen’ has made her fan go mesmerized. As far as the interest of gardening is concerned, says that the symbolic gesture has been passed to her by her mother. She says, “My mamma always maintained a kitchen garden where we would grow vegetables and apples. I have always had fresh veggies from there. But I realised my love for gardening only now. I like to eat organic food and I love getting my shoes and hands dirty while digging the soil and planting trees. It takes an hour every day and is tiring, but it’s also a stress buster,”

For the past one week, she has planted many trees around her newly-owned bungalow in Manali. Now she has plans to grow kiwis, cherries, apricots, and apples. Sources confirmed that she has also presented herself an impressive piano and has started taking piano lessons. “Learning the piano was always on my bucket list and this is the perfect time. I am a classical music freak and always attend such concerts. So, this was a conscious decision. Piano is very tough and as of now, my teacher is playing and I am only listening,” she laughs

She unfolds her plan for this year by saying “As you get into your 30s, there is a shift in your personality. The things you really want become clear to you. Besides professional growth, I want to grow in the personal space, too. I want to improve my personality, learn many other things, and be the woman I’ve always wanted to be.”

“I am halfway there, but I can do so much better. As an actor, you are either in your character, or studying other people — you hardly get time to be yourself. This is the time I want to do all that,” she adds

The established actress has received three national film awards, till date. As of now, she  has completed the shoot of Manikarnika: Rani of Jhansi. She is expected to work for her movie, Mental Hai Kya, very soon

 “I look forward to promoting Manikarnika. It is the highest-budget female-centric film in India. They are planning a massive campaign to promote the movie, which releases in August. Rani Laxmibai deserves it. It is her legacy and we are just a medium to present it,” she says.

Sources confirmed that on her 31st birthday today, Kangana will visit the Kartikeya temple, situated nearby her house. Upon asking her day schedule, she says“It is going to be like any other day here. I will be gardening and having my piano classes. My family has planned an elaborate lunch, though I don’t like to eat much.”