Family Time with Kapil Sharma review: Fans tweet boring, disappointing

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Family Time with Kapil Sharma review: Fans tweet boring, disappointing
Family Time with Kapil Sharma review: Fans tweet boring, disappointing

New Delhi : Kapil Sharma is back to the small screen with his new show ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma. The first episode was aired on March 25 on ‘Sony’ channel. But, the result of the show appeared unimaginative and boring. Fans are likely to be disappointed with Kapil’s new show and have mentioned that the old format was better than the current one.

Family Time with Kapil Sharma is a comedy show starring Kapil Sharma, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Kiku Sharda and Chandan Prabhakar. Ajay Devgn was the first guest of the new show. A study across the social media highlights that Episode 1 aired on March 25 left its audience disappointed. They considered rating it as - 1/5

On 2017, around this time, Kapil Sharma was reportedly throwing slippers and insulted his co-stars on flights and fans are saying that he is reaping the consequences of his mistake. The comedian allegedly mistreated his fellow comedian Sunil Grover, who decided to walk out of his show. Since then, the TRPs of his previous show- Comedy Nights with Kapil has experienced a remarkable downfall.

After months gap, Kapil has finally come up with his show- Family Time With Kapil Sharma. His fans and comedy lovers where eager to watch his new format but their hope resulted in vain, when the viewed the programme. The new show includes the same old actors performing the same old gags to a game show format and it’s just as unwanted a creation as it sounds. Bollywood celeb Ajay Devgn  was invited as guest in the show.

Kiku Sharda is still getting mocked for his obesity and Chandan Prabhakar for his poverty. Kapil is still making the female co-star uncomfortable with his pathetic attempts at flirting and Navjot Singh Sidhu is still sitting in a chair, applauding everything that comes out of the characters. There is nothing new to enjoy in the show.

The show exhibited two families against each other in a game where they need to explode balloons with their buttocks and the winner gets a phone, a fridge or most likely a Priyagold hamper.

Kapil distribute Priyagold hampers to any audience member who pleases him with a song, a correct answer to his riddles or simply with their cuteness.

As usual, he cracks patni-peedit jokes like, if you don’t bring a cake for your girlfriend on Cake Day or a rose on Rose Day, she will celebrate Kiss Day with someone else. It’s like you’d pay the instalments but someone else will get the property. 

Besides, there are several unattractive things about this show. Most fans also mentioned in their twitter that it was for the first time that they had to flip the Sony channel while watching the Kapil Sharma. The gags and the same old joke pattern are no more appealing. If such boring episodes continues in the coming weeks then days are not far away when Sony will have to bring an end to the show.