Superstar Rajinikanth's wife to face trial under supreme court

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Latha Rajinikanth failed to pay dues of Rs. 6.20 crore to advertising firm Ad Bureau.
Latha Rajinikanth failed to pay dues of Rs. 6.20 crore to advertising firm Ad Bureau.

New Delhi : Actor-politician Rajinikanth's wife Latha Rajinikanth has been accused of a fraud case and will have to face proceedings in the Supreme Court. As per confirmed report, she failed to pay dues to the tune of Rs. 6.20 crore to advertising firm Ad Bureau. The apex court today said investigations will be made into the case against her and she will be put on trial after a chargesheet is filed.

The clash started in 2014 over the movie "Kochadaiiyaan", starring Rajinikanth and Deepika Padukone, which was the directorial debut of Rajinikanth's younger daughter Soundarya.

A loan of Rs. 10 crore was taken from the Ad Bureau firm for the post-production work for the Rs. 125-crore film. The firm later went to court, alleging that Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd, in which Latha Rajinikanth was a director, had failed to pay complete loan payment and Rs. 6.2 crore remained pending. 

Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd was to refund Rs. 10 crore along with Rs. 1.2 crore promised as "guaranteed profit". The firm also mentioned they had got involved with the project on Latha Rajinikanth's personal guarantee.

The Karnataka High Court, however, cancelled legal proceedings against Latha Rajnikanth, saying the case was not of fraud but breach of agreement. However, when the case was held before the Supreme Court, it said that the High Court should not have cancelled the complaint at the initial stage.

In February, the court ordered that the balance payment be made within three months. And, the accused Latha Rajanikanth assured the court that the dues will be cleared.

However, the superstar's wife failed to pay as ensured and so she was called up by the Supreme Court last week for failing to ensure repayment. Seeking the answer for non-payment of the amount, the court said, "If you don't pay, then be ready to face trial."