At least I will go down as a President: Obama jokes over Trump

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Barack Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Barack Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live

New Delhi : US President Barack Obama on Monday evening appeared on a popular TV show "Jimmy Kimmel Live." He trolled Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, known for his prolific use of Twitter to settle scores, and aspires to replace him at White House in next January.

"President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!" Obama read appearing on the ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.

"At least I will go down as the President," he responds.

He also pitched for his candidate Hillary Clinton who is contesting opposite Donald Trump for the Presidential post at White House. 

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"A lot of this just has to do with the fact that she has been in the trenches, in the arena for 30 years, and when you have been in the public eye for that long, and in politics, folks go after you and they're trying to find a weak spot, and any mistake that you make ends up being magnified a narrative begins to build," he said.

"The brand of politics that Hillary represents which is pragmatic and says that you don't get everything done at once, you make progress and move pieces at a time that may not attract as much attention, it's not something that goes into 140 characters...but I think she will be an outstanding president," Obama said.

On asking if he wants to say anything against Donald Trump to increase Hillary’s chances, Obama smiled, and said "she is doing just fine".

He also talked about the irony that relates his iPhone to a smartphone in 2 year old’s hand. 

"I now have an iPhone, but it is, you know, like, the phone you give your 2-year-old, where they can pretend to press things, but nothing actually happens? So my phone has no phone, no camera, no music all it has is the Internet, and I can send e-mails," he said.

Here is a sneak peak: