Intimate pictures by Bani J reveal her relationship status

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Bani J with boyfriend Yuvraj
Bani J with boyfriend Yuvraj

New Delhi : During Bigg Boss season, there was a hint that Bani J is in a relationship but she chose to remain silent about it and left everyone guessing.

Now, after months of speculations and rumours, the actress and former VJ is on a spree of posting pictures over the social media network – Instagram.

Bani has now accepted in open that she is in love with Yuvraj. In one of her latest pictures she has written, "#BYLOVE You came into my world, on this battlefield of Life like a love grenade. It's not just about loving each other on the good days, on the bestest sun-shinest of days, it's about being able to sit across from one another on the darkest of days, to weather through the cloudy skies and thunder and still look into those eyes and SEE them. And love through it all. That's, what it's about. #totheOcean #theWaves #theStillwaters I love #throughcloudyskies #sunshinydays #thunder #ourendlessdepth"

The second one is captioned: #BYLOVE He's my favourite piece of poetry His lips, the perfect prose Draw a heart, outline a rose. Hold onto his hand, like it's the last line of anything that's ever made any sense, On demand. Keep it on Loop, round the words like his tongue in my mouth, on fire, desire. It's a Ritual, this connection is so spiritual. Other worldly, travel with you through the dimensions and the galaxies. Let's Just Be.

Bani J had recently gone off social media but now when she is back; she is back with a bang.