Zubair Khan alleges underworld connection with Salman Khan

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Zubair Khan alleges underworld connection with Salman Khan
Zubair Khan alleges underworld connection with Salman Khan

Mumbai : Zubair Khan, the first contestant to get evicted from Bigg Boss 11, is speaking out loud to make a point that comes with no backing of evidence but only words.

He took exit from the house citing bad health and spoke to journalists claiming that he attempted suicide as it was the only way to get out from the house.

In a recent video Zubair Khan can be seen giving an open challenge to Salman Khan and also revealing a connection with the underworld.

"Bigg Boss house is a torture. And the controversial TV show-makers don't show the whole reality. They ruined my Image and I have been insulted."

"I am not Vivek Oberoi or Ajaz Khan. Salman is very fond of insulting people. He defamed me infront of whole world. I am no don, i am a director. Ajaz Khan 'Lukkha' played lead role in my movie  and Salman was given side role of Farookh Sheikh's brother in his movie."

"I give you open challenge Salman Khan, do whatever you want to do against me."

"My sisters will fight against you first. You spoiled my image citing i am a brother-in-law of some don."

"I was linked to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in a article publish in 2011  which spoiled my life. I am film director and do undercover reporting as well. I am a part of journalism. I will fight against Salman Khan till the end."

"Color channel has spoiled my image. Salman Khan threatened me that 'swear to God, I will make you dog and beat you."

He has also filed an FIR against Salman Khan at Lonavala Police Station.