Active coronavirus cases in India drops below 10 lakh for the first time in 66 days

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Coronavirus Case Count
Coronavirus Case Count

New Delhi : The active coronavirus cases in India which had gone till 37.2 lakhs during the second wave have fallen to under 10 lakh after 66 days.

The count had gone below 10 lakh on Sunday and it further decreased to 9.2 lakh on Monday.

The number of fresh infections and deaths also dropped significantly with India registering 59,915 cases, 76-day low on Monday. The nation had registered less than 60,000 cases on March 30.

India also reported the fewest daily deaths in two months (since April 15), with 1,326 fatalities reported on Monday. The count does not include nearly as many (1,392) “backlog” deaths added to the overall toll by Maharashtra. With this Maharashtra has reported 19,116 old deaths since May 17, more than twice the number of fresh deaths (8,927) reported by the state during this period.

Drop in new coronavirus cases and deaths are also linked to lower testing and staff shortage over the weekend. On Sunday, less than 15 lakh coronavirus tests were conducted, 4-lakh less than the testings done on Saturday.

Meanwhile, cases in south India and Maharashtra continued to fall at a much slower pace than in the north and in central India.