Budget 2016: List of what's cheaper and what's dearer

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New Delhi : - Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday presented Union Budget for the year 2016-17

- As per expectations, Opposition slammed it while NDA termed it in favour of bright future

- Keeping it more environment friendly, following are the things which will cost more and less on our pockets







5.All services like bill payments, eating out, air travel

6.Ready made garments and branded apparel of more than Rs 1,000

7.Gold and Silver; jewelery articles excluding silver

8.Water including mineral water, aerated water containing added sugar or sweetening matter

9.Goods and services above Rs 2 lakh in cash

10.Aluminum foil

11.Air Travel

12. Plastic bags and sacks

13.Ropeway, cable car rides

14.Imported imitation jewellery

15.Industrial solar water heater

16.Legal services

17.Lottery tickets

18.Traveling by hiring stage carriage

19.Hiring of packers & movers

20.E-reading devices

21. Instruments for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

22.Imported Golf Cars

23. Gold bars 




2.Solar lamp

3.Router, broadband modems and set top boxes, Digital video recorder and CCTV cameras

4.Hybrid electric vehicles

5.Sterilised dialyser

6.Low cost houses with less than 60 sq mt carpet area

7.Hiring of folk artists for performance

8.Refrigerated containers

9.Pension plans

10.Microwave ovens

11.Sanitary pads

12.Braille paper.