Burari death case gets a new ghostly twist, dead father reponsible for deaths

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Burari death case gets a new ghostly twist
Burari death case gets a new ghostly twist

New Delhi : In a new twist to the death of 11 members of a family in Burari (Delhi), one of their family members Lalit Bhatia, 45, explained that his father's soul had entered his body to give advice on various issues, police sources told The Indian Express.

Lalit's father had passed away nearly 10 years ago due to natural cause.

Lalit was also among the 10 found hanging, with their eyes covered with pieces of cloth cut from the same bedsheet and their mouths tied shut, while the body of Narayani was found on the floor in another room of the house.

He used to maintain a diary in which he used to write activities of each family members.Police sources said this diary has been sent to handwriting experts to compare with detailed notes on two registers found in the house on how to attain moksha (salvation).

“Soon, he started offering prayers in front of trees, and feeding animals. One day, he told his family members that his father’s soul had entered his body and was advising him on steps to follow for a good life. Since 2013, he had been maintaining a dairy on his father’s ‘instructions’. The family was religious and believed him,” sources said.

Now, the case has turned into a tragic death mystery on the name of spirituality.