Delhi Police defends with a new CCTV video of stone pelters

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Delhi Police defends with a new CCTV video of stone pelters
Delhi Police defends with a new CCTV video of stone pelters

New Delhi : Delhi Police has released a fresh batch of videos to defend their action against the protesters responsible for the violence of December 15 at the Jamia Millia Islamia University. The cops claimed that the stone pelters had taken shelter in the university building where the library is located and the police officials had entered the campus while giving chase to protesters who were responsible for the violence that day.

In the newly released black and white video from a CCTV camera, people can be seen rushing towards the buildings as the cops can be seen throwing tear gas shells. 

Before that, a huge group is seen rushing into the building. Others keep running straight on. Some of the people from inside the building also rush out.

In videos cited by the police earlier, a huge group, some of them masked, could be seen rushing into the library.

Recently, the students had complained against the police action and have claimed that they barged into the library and started beating many students inside the library. They have also released a video to back up their claims, which showed policemen in riot gear entering and beating the students.

In response, police has now released the videos to present a clear picture on what happened before their action in the library.

On the day of the event, the police had denied entering any library.

Senior police officer MS Randhawa said the police had entered areas where "tear gas was used". "It was an extraordinary situation," he had added, in a reference to rules that bar the police from entering any campus without the university authorities' approval.

The police entry inside the campus without permission and their alleged subsequent action on students, became the subject of huge controversy. Before the night of December 15 was over, protests were held in several campuses, which spread further the next day.