Delhi records season's lowest temperature, capital shivers

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Delhi records season's lowest temperature, capital shivers
Delhi records season's lowest temperature, capital shivers

New Delhi : Delhi is getting colder by every passing day and the proof to it is the latest temperature recorded on the meters.

While the national capital shivered at 4 degree Celsius that is the lowest of the season, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) declared cold wave conditions in several parts of north India, predicting that the Capital and surrounding areas could witness “cold day to severe cold day conditions” over the next two days.

Talking more about the severity of the cold, some parts in North India, mainly the desert reasons recorded temperatures near to Zero Degree Celsius.

With dense fog in the region, several trains was reported delayed running in the region.

The weather forecaster has said that the national capital could record the second-coldest December in a century due to significantly low day temperatures. The mean maximum temperature this month till Thursday was 19.84°C. The lowest mean maximum temperature in the city was recorded in 1997 at 17.3°C.

In the northern plains, Fatehpur town in Rajasthan’s Sikar district recorded the minimum temperature of -3° Celsius, whereas Drass in Ladakh recorded -32° Celsius. In most other places in the region, the minimum temperatures recorded were between 1° and 7° Celsius, a departure from the normal 8°and 10° Celsius.

IMD has predicted that some relief will come after December 31.