Elderly woman hides behind a drum to escape coronavirus vaccine

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Image: Screengrab from viral video on social media
Image: Screengrab from viral video on social media

Etawah : India is pushing hard to get people vaccinated against coronavirus in the fastest possible speed. Amid this a video has surfaced online in which an elderly woman can be seen hiding behind a drum to escape coronavirus vaccination in Uttar Pradesh's Etawah.

The incident happened on Tuesday when BJP MLA Sarita Bhadauria arrived at Chandanpur village in Etawah for the vaccination drive along with a Health Department team. Watching health workers coming towards her house, Har Devi first hid behind her door and then took shelter behind a large drum inside her house. She looks highly terrified with the injection and can be heard saying she does not want to get vaccinated.

A lady doctor then talks to her and tries to make her understand the situation. “I am a doctor. I am not here to give you an injection. We are here just to speak with you. At least come and listen to your MLA,” the doctor says.

A journalist Alok Pandey shared the video of the incident on his Twitter page. He wrote, "Funny , yet tragic video from UP’s Etawah, underscoring the immense covid vaccine hesitancy in rural India . This elderly lady , hid behind a drum in her home to escape a vaccination awareness campaign led by local MLA . Health workers did convince her to come out …"

After the woman speaks to the MLA, she gets jabbed on the same day.