Farmers protest in India | Govt urges them to end protest, offers talks

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Image tweeted by @Zebaism
Image tweeted by @Zebaism

New Delhi : The Indian government has urged farmers to end the protest and offered them to hold a talk on the matter on December 3. A proposal has also been offered to the farmers of forming a committee to study the new farm laws which apparently triggered the whole protest by representatives of 35 farm organizations.

The farmers' leaders met with Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar at Vigyan Bhawan in the national capital. After the meeting concluded, Mr. Tomar said, "The meeting was good and we have decided that the talks will be held on 3rd December. We wanted a small group to be constituted but farmers’ leaders wanted that the talks should be held with everyone, we do not have problem with it."

He added, "We appeal to the farmers to suspend the protests and come for the talks. However, this decision depends on farmers’ unions and farmers."

Speaking on this occasion, the president of All India Kisan Federation, Prem Singh Bhangu said, "Today’s meeting was good & some progress was made. During our next meet on 3rd Dec with govt, we’ll convince them that no clause of Farm law is pro-farmer. Our agitation will continue."

Another member of the farmers’ delegation, Chanda Singh said, "Our movement against Farm Laws will continue and we’ll definitely take back something from the Govt, be it bullets or a peaceful solution. We’ll come back for more discussions with them."

Meanwhile, Union Ministers and PM Narendra Modi have been putting efforts to ensure that the new laws have been created only for the benefit of the farmers.

PM Modi on Monday said, "I know that decades of falsehood do put apprehensions in the minds of farmers, I want to say this from the bank of Mother Ganga - we are not working with the intention of deceiving. Our intentions are as holy as the water of river Ganga".

"If someone thinks that the earlier system is better, how is this law stopping anyone, bhai?" he added.