Four days to go: Lend your support to save the internet

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  • New Delhi : Just four days are left when you can urge TRAI to not differentiate internet usage and let it be neutral for all.

  • Users can send their plea on the web portal WWW.SAVETHEINTERNET.IN, which was set up for users to send a mail directly to Trai.

  • More than 9 lakh mails have been received till April 19 and Trai needs a good number to accept the plea.

  • Net Nutrality means users have free access to any site at any time for no extra cost

  • However, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said net neutrality and his concept to differentiate the net can co-exist

  • India has been boiling over the issue from past few weeks, while service providers want TRAI to avoid net neutrality.

  • News Heads want you to make your own choice and want you to at least vote so that fair call can be taken.

Check AIB video to understand net neutrality and its side effects