Hathras accused blames family of killing their own daughter

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Hathras Case
Hathras Case

Hathras : The prime accused in Hathras gangrape and murder case has alleged that the family of late Dalit girl was against their friendship and they must have killed their daughter.

The accused man has written a letter to the Uttar Pradesh Police saying that he and his friends are being framed in the case. He sought justice for all the four accused men in the case.

In the letter, he also mentioned that her mother and brother used to torture her; also there are evidences which shows that the one of the family members were in touch with the accused murderer.

Sandeep Thakur, who is in jail along with the three others, has written a letter to the police in Hathras, claiming that he and the 20-year-old woman were "friends". "Apart from meeting, we used to speak on the phone once in a while," he wrote on Wednesday, in the handwritten letter in Hindi. The letter has the thumb impressions of all four accused.

With call records, UP Police has established that the girl's brother was in touch with Sandeep Thakur. Some 104 calls were made between the brother and Sandeep Thakur from October last year to March, the police claim.

Sandeep Thakur, in his letter, alleged that her family did not like their friendship. "On the day of the incident, I had gone to meet her in the fields that day where her mother and brothers were also present. I returned home after being asked by her to do so. I then started feeding cattle," he said.

"I later got to know from the villagers that her mother and brothers beat her up over our friendship, injuring her badly. I have never beaten her or done anything wrong with her. Her mother and brothers falsely accused me and three others and sent us to jail. We're all innocent.  Request you to please investigate and get us justice," he said.

So far, it is known that the girl was allegedly gangraped and murdered by four men of upper cast in her village.