India's tea production at new high in 2016-17

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India's tea production at new high in 2016-17
India's tea production at new high in 2016-17

Kolkata : India's tea production touched a new high in 2016-17, reaching 1,250.49 million kilogram -- an increase of 1.41 per cent over the corresponding year-ago figure, the Tea Board said on Friday.

In 2015-16, the country produced 1,233.14 million kilogram of tea.

Compared to 2015-16, the production in 2016-17 rose by 17.35 million kilos, the Board said in a press note issued here.

"The tea production has reached highest so far in Indian Tea Industry," the note said.

The production of tea in north India shot up by 34.55 million kilogram, an increase of 3.43 per cent, to reach 1,043.11 million kilogram in 2016-17.

Of the gardens in north India, those in West Bengal were a major contributor, with the tea production going up by 27.69 million kilos, an improvement of 8.40 per cent against the figure in 2015-16, the Board said.

However, in south India, production decreased by 17.20 million kilogram, a reduction of 7.66 per cent, to slide to 207.38 million kilogram.

Tamil Nadu contributed majorly in the south Indian sloth, as production in the state went down by 17.82 million kilogram -- a drop of 11.03 per cent, compared to the figures recorded in 2015-16.

Across India, the small growers' share of production was 44.01 per cent at 550.30 million kilogram in 2016-17, the note said.

The organised sector or big growers produced 700.19 million kilogram, or 55.99 per cent of the total production.