Indian Army's respect of paramount importance: Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi

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Indian Army's respect of paramount importance: Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi
Indian Army's respect of paramount importance: Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi

New Delhi : The National Human Welfare Council organised the 'Bharat Shree Award 2019' at Auditorium of Constitution Club of India on 9th July 2019, and also organised a welcome ceremony for the new Members of the Parliament. 

On this occasion, the eminent personalities from Army, Naval Services, Air Force, Police, Railway Police, Social activists; Industry and Education were honoured for their significant contribution towards nation-building. 

Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi, Minister of State, Government of India, was invited as the chief guest of the ceremony. Shri Mahadev Rao Janakar, Cabinet Minister, Maharastra Government, was invited as the special guest. 

On this occasion, Shri Pawan Jindal, North India Head National Self Service Association, former MP Ramesh Bais were also present. 

Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi congratulated the team of National Human Council, and said, "We are proud that there are people in this country who are dedicated to the country's interest. I felt like I'll inspire you guys but watching these dignitaries getting felicitated for their great work has inspired me. I am pleased to come here and the way you are working for the bright future of the country, I promise to provide my contribution to the country's interest."

Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Mahadev Jankar, honoured the selected teachers with 'Shiksha Jyoti Samman'. These teachers are working in different states and doing remarkable work in the field of education. 

Congratulating the Convenor and Chairman of National Human Council, Gunjan Mehta, and his whole team, Shri Jankar said, "I invite your suggestions, since we are policymakers, but you are the implementers. Together we can make India a better country. The way you are working towards the interest of the country, we need such people to take the country forward."

Amongst the recipients of 'Bharat Shree' award were senior journalist Sharad Bagri, DIG Lucknow Jyoti Kumar Satija, Dr Ashok Divakar Vice-Chancellor, Dr Sunil Bacolia, Doctor T.C. Rao, Dr Huziifa Khorakiwala, Guru Maa Nina Khanna, Anil Dikshit, Kamalakant Dikshit, Ajit Yadav, Sanjeev Kapoor, Police Shaheed Foundation, Acharya P Chaitanya Agrawal, Bijendra Chauhan, Ram Kumar Pal Social Activist, and industrialist KK Gandhi. 

D.I.G Lucknow, Shri Jyoti Kumar Sajita, who received 'Bharat Shree Samman 2019', said, "I feel very proud to be honoured by this award. There is a lot to be done for the welfare of the society and the country. This honour will encourage me to work with more vigour. I thank the National Human Council from the bottom of my heart for this honour."

Aditi Kumari, who received Shiksha Jyoti award, said, "I am honoured for my work in the field of education. Such honours are not only increasing our confidence but also give a big boost to our courage. I am thankful to National Human Council for honouring people like us and encouraging us on such a large platform."

National Human Council Convenor and President Gunjan Mehta said, "This event is being organized every 5 years with the help of the Sarva Seva Samaj Samiti (SSKS)."

In the ceremony, former army officers, policemen, social workers, political figures and many veteran businessmen were honoured for their outstanding contributions to the society, along with the newly elected MPs in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Many great personalities like Mr Deepak Mani, JN Mangla, KK Gosain, Navin Gupta, SS Trihan, Amar Nath Amar, Aditya Raj Jee, Swami Sri Triloki Nath, Savita Upadhyay, Pushkar Mehta, Dharmendra Fauji, Kundan Kumar, Sumit Prakash, Satish Raja Gehlot, Chhikkara ji and many noblemen were also present.