Israel warns terrorist attack in India, issues advisory for citizens

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Israel issues warning for tourists in India
Israel issues warning for tourists in India

New Delhi : Israel on Friday issued a warning for its citizens in India, asking them to avoid crowded places, parties and gatherings specially in south-west part of the nation.

"We are warning Israeli tourists in India of the possibility of imminent terrorist attacks against western targets and tourists, particularly in the southwest of that country," Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau said yesterday in a statement, released by the Prime Minister's office.

"We ask to focus on events in the coming days related to the Christian New Year's holiday, placing particular emphasis on beach parties and clubs, where there is larger concentration of tourists," it said.

"Israeli tourists travelling in India have been asked to stay alert and to pay attention to local media reports and security agencies. Furthermore, families with relatives in India are asked to update them about the travel warning and recommendation," the warning said.

The warning also claimed that beaches in Goa, which are popular among Israel youngsters, can be an easy target for the terrorists.