Kerala blames Tamil Nadu for flood disaster

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Kerala blames Tamil Nadu for flood disaster
Kerala blames Tamil Nadu for flood disaster

Kerala : Kerala told Supreme Court on Thursday that Tamil Nadu is to be blamed for the floods in the state. Sudden release of excess water from the Mullaperiyar dam has been quoted as one of the biggest reasons behind the disaster.

The release caused an overload in the Idukki reservoir downstream and water had to be released, Kerala said in an affidavit in the Supreme Court, filed in response to a petition that wanted a reduction of water level at the Mullaperiyar Dam.

It also mentioned that Tamil Nadu was warned in advance when water level had reached 135 in the Mullaperiyar dam, second warning was issued when the water level was at 139; but no action was taken by the Tamil Nadu government in the right time.

Tamil Nadu contends that it released water on August 16, nearly a week after floods started in Kerala. In its counter-affidavit, expected to be filed tomorrow, the state said it is allowed by the Supreme Court to store water upto 142 feet.

Since August 8, Kerala had been facing massive rains, leading to water logging at several places and death of over 340 people till date.

The floods, Kerala said, have caused damages to the tune of 19,500 crore, wiping out houses, crops and infrastructure across vast stretches.