Lockdown is a small price to pay for evading coronavirus scare: PM Modi

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Lockdown is a small price to pay for evading coronavirus scare: PM Modi
Lockdown is a small price to pay for evading coronavirus scare: PM Modi

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Wednesday evening for the third time and asserted that 21-day lockdown is a small price to pay for the attempt to evade the danger posed by the rapid spread of Covid-19.

Speaking to representatives from his Lok Sabha constituency of Varanasi, the PM indulged in first direct engagement with the public after Tuesday’s announcement, he tried to address the concerns that people had in their mind regarding the lockdown announcement.

During his interaction, PM Modi reassured the citizens that an adequate supply of essential commodities would be made available but also sought to enlist people’s help in dealing with the challenge of isolating 1.3 billion people to prevent further transmission of the deadly virus. 

"The war in Mahabharat continued for 18 days, we will win this war in 21 days. The entire country has come together to fight against the threat of coronavirus and we will definitely win this war," PM Modi said, adding, "We will be living in denial if we believe that this lockdown will not inconvenience people. But this is nothing compared to the devastation that this virus will cause to our country if its growth is left unchecked."

During his interaction, PM Modi also addressed the concerns and challenges faced by the police and administration and harassment in some quarters of doctors, nurses and medical staff who are on the forefront of the fight against the viral disease.

"We have to help the administration and police. People should try not to put pressure on them unnecessarily. We should help them do their duties and not burden them. Social distancing is most important to fight against coronavirus because there are no medicines or vaccines," said Modi.

The PM mentioned that he also felt very concerned over the reports that some people were harassing doctors, nurses and medical staff who are leading the fight against Covid-19.

"I appeal to all the citizens, if you notice any incident where professionals, such as doctors and nurses, are ill-treated then you should take an initiative to make such people understand that they are wrong. I have told home ministry and DGPs to take strict action against those who are not supporting or not cooperating with doctors, nurses and other professionals who are serving us in this critical time," Modi said.

PM Modi also cautioned people of taking any kind of medicine and said the treatment must be carried out only after an advice from the doctor. 

"At times, people do not pay attention to things which are important. The same is happening in India. I request people to understand the facts and not believe in rumours. Covid-19 does not discriminate between the rich and the poor. The threat is for everyone," Modi said.

While the major impact of lockdown will be seen on the weaker section of the society, PM Modi took que from the Navratri concept and asked people to adopt nine such needy people for the next 21 days.