Maggi’s Delhi samples found with excessive lead, MSG

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New Delhi : Delhi’s food commissioner made things worse for Nestle as he pronounced Maggi dangerous with excessive lead and MSG content in samples picked from different spots in national capital. Earlier, Kerala government had banned Maggi completely in the state, while UP government ordered FIR against actors who have promoted it.


•    Maggi’s sample in Delhi found with excessive amount of lead and MSG
•    The result was derived from 12-13 samples picked from different regions in national capital
•    Kerala government had earlier banned the product in their state
•    UP government has ordered an FIR against actors who had promoted in past
•    Actors include big names like Amitabh Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit
•    However, Nestle on Tuesday said they have checked the samples and everything is within limits
•    Maggi is one of the most popular ready to eat snack in India.