Maharashtra bans plastic bags from March 18

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Maharashtra bans plastic bags from March 18
Maharashtra bans plastic bags from March 18

New Delhi : The environment department of Maharashtra has decided to put a ban on the use of cover plastic carry bags, thermocol and plastic plates, cups, forks, bowls and spoons.

The State cabinet on Thursday has made a decision to impose a ban on certain plastic items from the Marathi New Year, 'Gudhi Padwa' to be celebrated on March 18.

On the other hand, the draft of the proposed ban on plastic usage mentioned various other items such as flex boards, non-woven polypropylene bags, banners, flags, decorative door hangings, plastic sheets and all types of plastic wrappers. 

As per the official source, a committee under the Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam has been introduced to discuss the ban on plastic goods and materials. The committee will work on the process for banning of the plastic goods.  A ban on plastic was considered, but the committee will come up with some more improved plan.

Sources confirmed that the State has already banned plastic carry bags thinner than 50 microns and smaller than 8x12 inches. However, an officer in the Environment Department mentioned that it has had little effect. "The environmental problems due to plastic are on rise. Water clogging due to plastic bags causes health hazards. Animals are eating these bags, and plastic is hazardous for marine creatures too," he said.

Following a draft published a month earlier on the ban of plastic items, plastic manufacturers had protested in Mumbai, against the proposed ban.