Make mobile phone your personal bank, digital wallet: PM Narendra Modi in Bhatinda

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PM Narendra Modi in Bhatinda
PM Narendra Modi in Bhatinda

Bhatinda : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed people at a rally in Bhatinda, asking them to turn their mobile phones into personal banks.

"With available technology, we must groom ourselves to digital payments and use our mobiles as our personal banks," said PM Modi at the rally.

He also spoke about efforts his government is putting to ensure farmers are getting enough water from the Satluj river, which currently flows into the ocean via Pakistan.

"Have formed task force to ensure fields of farmers have adequate water. Water that belongs to India can't be allowed to go to Pakistan," said PM.

He once again slammed opposition for creating tense situation in the society. Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that those who are saying that we didn’t give enough chance to people are actually talking about themselves that they didn’t get much time to escape from their black money crisis.

Leaders on the other hand continued their demands and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the sessions in parliament.