Manu Sharma tenders apology to late Jessica Lal's family

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Manu Sharma tenders apology to late Jessica Lal's family
Manu Sharma tenders apology to late Jessica Lal's family

New Delhi : Manu Sharma, 43-year-old, who has been released from the Tihar Jail after he served around 17 years in the prison for murdering model Jessica Lal. He spoke with the journalist Prawesh Lama about his experience behind the bars.

"Going to a jail is one of the most difficult and scariest things that can happen to anyone. I was 23-year-old when I had to start my jail life," he said.

"The biggest trouble is to keep yourself safe and protected from the ruffians who rule the inside of the jails, one has to stay alert even in the nights because that's the time when it is easy for them to attack," he added.

Mentioning on how he used to live inside jail, Manu Sharma said that he mainly indulged himself in the jail activities and reading, completed my degree in human rights and studied law as well.

Manu Sharma also mentioned that he was just 23-year-old when he was sentenced life imprisonment, but the scarier was to see the disappointment in his parent's eyes. During the time, the toughest part by far was seeing my parents suffer.

"I feel the suffering I faced was nothing compared to what I saw in their eyes," he said.

Speaking about his future plans, Manu said, "I hope and believe that I will be able to live a peaceful and fruitful life where I can support my family and carry on helping the unseen and unheard children of jail inmates, who are not currently being provided the means and aid that they require."

Manu Sharma also expressed gratitude to Jessica Lal's sister and apologized to her family.

"I have no words to express my sincere gratitude to Sabrina and her family. I am deeply sorry for the pain I have caused them. I am eternally grateful for their magnanimity."

With his experience he said, do not take anything for granted as a life can change anytime, maybe in a minute.