Over 1,00,000 people dead with coronavirus in India

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Coronavirus Death Toll in India
Coronavirus Death Toll in India

New Delhi : The total number of people losing their lives to coronavirus in India has crossed 1-lakh-mark. The grim milestone comes exactly seven months after the first batch of cases were reported in the nation.

With this India has become the third nation in the world to have officially counted over 1 lakh deaths. Only the United States (212,000 deaths) and Brazil (144,000 dead) are ahead of India now.

India’s case fatality rate (CFR) – the proportion of death to the number of confirmed cases – stands at 1.56%, which is not only half of the global average (2.98%), but also better than the comparable rates in the US (2.84%) and Brazil (2.99%).

It must be noted that since September, the deaths in India have increased with an average of around 1,000 people losing their lives daily, against 755 average daily deaths in the US and 713 in Brazil in the same period.

India had been a major contributor in increasing the death tally globally in last one month. The first death due to Covid-19 was reported on March 12 in Karnataka, with the 100,000th fatality coming 204 days later.

As of Friday night, of the 6.47 million people infected in the country, 100,896 have lost their lives and over 5.42 million have recovered. The death toll is, however, expected to keep rising as the country is still adding 81,431 new cases a day on average, and of those around 1.5% (based on India’s CFR) will succumb to the disease.