Parents miserable after girl born with heart on the outside

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Heart outside body
Heart outside body

Los Angeles : A mother has been in tears since her child has been born whose heart has been pumping outside her body.

The little girl has been born to Tazmina Khatun, 28, from a village in Assam in northeast India.

However, she was shocked to realise that the girl's heart was beating on the outside of her body due to an extremely rare condition.

The doctors did manage to save the girl but have been thinking of more surgeries to put her organ back inside her chest.

Both Tazmina and her husband, Jahirul Isma, 29, a daily wage labour are devastated with their firstborn's condition 

As per Jahirul, “I could not hold back tears when I saw the baby. I had never seen any baby like this before and could not believe my child was born this way. We are worried what will happen to our baby and only hoping for a miracle for her survival.”

As per doctors, the genetic condition occurs in just one in every 126,000 live births, with females most at risk.