PM Modi accuses Opposition of spreading wrong information on CAA

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PM Modi accuses Opposition of spreading wrong information on CAA
PM Modi accuses Opposition of spreading wrong information on CAA

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday blasted Opposition parties for spreading rumours about the new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which led to massive protests across the nation.

Addressing a mass gathering on the occasion of National Youth Day at Belur Math in West Bengal’s Howrah, PM Narendra Modi once again asserted that no person will lose his or her citizenship with the new law. Instead, it will grant ‘Indian citizenship’ to those who faced ‘religious persecution’ in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan till 2014.

"CAA mein hum nagrikta de hi rahe hain,kisi ki bhi nagrikta chheen nahi rahe hain.Iske alawa,aaj bhi,kisi bhi dharm ka vyakti,bhagwan mein maanta ho na maanta ho,jo vyakti Bharat ke samvidhaan ko maanta hai,vo tai prakriyaon ke tehet,Bharat ki nagrikta le sakta hai. (We are not snatching anyone’s citizenship. Besides, any person of any religion whether he believes in God or not can be granted Indian citizenship under the set procedure)", said the Prime Minister. 

Notably, his remarks came amid students and Opposition parties protest against his visit to West Bengal and the Ramakrishna Mission in Howrah.

He also mentioned that with the implementation of the new law his government has fulfilled one of the wishes of Mahatma Gandhi. “I repeat again, Citizenship act is not to revoke anyone’s citizenship, but it is to give citizenship. After independence, Mahatma Gandhi ji and other big leaders of the time all believed that India should give citizenship to persecuted religious minorities of Pakistan”, PM Modi reiterated.

He then praised the youth of India and claimed that not just the nation but the world looks at them as the future of the country.

"We must always remember Swami Vivekananda ji ‘s iconic saying ‘give me 100 energetic youth and I shall transform India’. Our energy, and passion to do something, is necessary for change", PM said.

He also extended his gratitude towards Belur Math’s president and seers for allowing him to stay with them  last night. “I’m grateful to the Math’s president and the seers. Belur Math is always like a homecoming, it is no less than a pilgrimage for me”, said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on two-day visit to West Bengal. He had arrived in Kolkata on Saturday evening and held talks with CM Mamata Banerjee over slew of issues including CAA.

During the meet, Banerjee asked the Prime Minister to withdraw NRC and CAA. She also asked the PM to walk over her dead body if he goes ahead with the implementation of both the legislations.