PM Narendra Modi accuses Congress of fanning flames in North East

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PM Narendra Modi accuses Congress of fanning flames in North East
PM Narendra Modi accuses Congress of fanning flames in North East

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday accused Congress and its allies of fanning the flames to create confusion over the Citizenship Bill in the North East.

Speaking at an election rally in Jharkhand, PM Modi reassured his commitment to protect the “culture, language and tradition” of the North-East.

“Congress aur unke saathi North East mein aag lagane ki koshish kar rahe hai... bhram phailaya jaa raha hai ki Bangladesh se bahut sankhya mein log aa jayenge... kanoon pehle se hi Bharat aa chuke sharanarthiyon ke liye hai aur December 31, 2014 iss vyavastha mein rakha gaya hai (The Congress and its allies are attempting to set a fire in the North East, create confusion that a large number of people will come from Bangladesh. The law is for refugees who are already in India, and the cut-off date in December 31, 2014, is for that purpose),” he said.

“Most of the states in the North East are out of the CAB, but even then the Congress and its allies, whose politics are run with the support of infiltrators, are trying to create confusion,” he said.

The Prime Minister also said that no one can take away the rights of people of the North East. “North East ke parampara, bhasa, sanskruti, kisi par aanch nahi doonga... Bharat sarkar kandhe se kandha milakar unke saath kaam karega (We will not let the culture, language, tradition of the North East be affected... The government will work with them shoulder to shoulder).”

He also mentioned that there is nothing to worry for common people as CAB will leave no impact on the Indian citizens.

“When Taliban attacks were on the rise in Afghanistan, dozens of Christian families came to India, fearing for their lives. But the Congress government did not support them. Today, when the BJP is trying to bring a law to grant citizenship to millions of such oppressed and exploited Dalit, Sikh, Christian families, the Congress is opposing the move,” he said.