Rahul Gandhi mocks Centre with COVID-19 graphs

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Rahul Gandhi mocks Centre with COVID-19 graphs
Rahul Gandhi mocks Centre with COVID-19 graphs

New Delhi : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday mocked Narendra Modi government for its response to the coronavirus pandemic, blaming it as a 'failed lockdown' as he compared the lockdown in other countries.

The lockdown in India was imposed in March and since then it has been extended several times. The Health Ministry's data, however, has shown a dramatic rise in the number COVID-19 cases and deaths in recent days.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted graphs of at least five nations which shows how these countries managed to bring down the number of coronavirus cases unlike India where the cases are continuously rising.

For weeks Rahul Gandhi had been criticizing the way government is handling the lockdown, leaving many migrants in distress.

With restrictions being eased over the past few weeks and more due in the coming days, India has seen a surge in COVID-19 numbers. While the country reported its first 1,000 deaths due to coronavirus in 48 days of the pandemic, now the same number is reported in around four days.

At 2.26 lakh cases and over 6,300 deaths, India now ranks as the 7th worst-hit nation in terms of cases and 12th in deaths - greater on both counts than China where the deadly virus emerged late last year.