Should there be a free vaccine for coronavirus?

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Free coronavirus vaccine
Free coronavirus vaccine

Patna : Bharatiya Janata Party has assured free coronavirus vaccine in the Bihar poll manifesto and the whole idea has received different opinions from different sections of the society; while some people are calling it a political gimmick, other are lauding the idea. But we need to know if a free vaccine for coronavirus is an actual need or not.

First things first! India and in fact the whole world need a vaccine that can relieve the stress of coronavirus, eventually, help in recovering the economies and other monetary things which increases the buying power of people. 

There is no denying that the lockdowns thrashed people economically and a free vaccine would be like a blessing, but here is a perspective; if people are unable to buy a coronavirus medicine, it means they would also not be able to buy food and daily basic necessities to live. So, why not concentrate on providing free meals and shelters to the needy people and provide medicine under the PM's health mission.

Most of the poor people, as government claims, have been covered under the health insurance provided by the Indian government, so add vaccine to it and it will reach the needy people almost at no cost. But, this will not help the whole idea of becoming a poll agenda.

Bihar is just a couple of days away from the elections and as always, political parties have started showering their love, care and future promises to the people. One thing which rings the bell in our head is that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi has never claimed that the medicine will be provided to a certain section of the nation then how come his own party publically announced such an idea?

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