SpiceJet plays national anthem just before landing, complaint filed

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New Delhi : In a bizarre incident, SpiceJet flight SG1044 travelling from Tirupati to Hyderabad played national anthem just before the landing. However, during the National anthem all the passengers were found sitting.

The passengers and cabin crew were not in a position to stand up and accord it due respect.

A passenger has filed complaint against the airlines. A passenger has captured the entire incident on his phone.

The complainant also alleged that one of the cabin crew members switched off the anthem in the middle and later switched it on again. One of the SpiceJet spokesmen told, “On this flight, inadvertently, our crew selected the wrong number on the playlist and the National Anthem started playing. Immediately, the same was stopped. We regret any inconvenience caused to our esteemed customers.”


The spokesman, however, accepted that they had pre-recorded national anthem in their playlist so that it could be used appropriately.