Supreme Court extends NRC Deadline from July 31 to August 31

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People standing in que for NRC registration
People standing in que for NRC registration

New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Tuesday extended the deadline for the final publication of National Register of Citizens (NRC) from July 31 to August 31.

Both the Centre and state government had appealed in the apex court demanding an extension in deadline to make an impartial data. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, representing the Centre, had said, “The Centre is committed to deal with illegal immigrants. India cannot be a refugee capital of the world.” He added that the process needed to find a way to deal with both wrongful inclusions and exclusions.

The Centre and Assam government had also demanded a re-verification of 20% sample people to ensure there is no wrongful inclusion in the NRC register. 

Meanwhile, Assam NRC coordinator Prateek Hajela said a supplementary list of additional inclusions and final exclusions will be published on July 31 but one more month was needed to publish the final NRC.

In a related development, about 25 lakh people have sent a petition to the Centre for re-verification and it is under the consideration of the Union Home Ministry.

"The government's intention is to ensure no illegal immigrant is registered under the NRC. Foreigner tribunals are handling issues to curb illegal stay of foreigners in India,” said the source who was privy to the development.