Supreme Court verdict more of a hurdle than solution

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Supreme Court verdict more of a hurdle than solution (Image tweeted by @ANI)
Supreme Court verdict more of a hurdle than solution (Image tweeted by @ANI)

New Delhi : Supreme Court on Tuesday halted implementation of farm laws till a resolution is found and it has slammed Centre for adopting inefficient approach in the matter. But, putting a hold on the implementation would resolve anything in the case?

The apex court has said that the Centre has not taken enough measures to proceed under control situation, resulting in farmers sitting on roads in chilly winter nights. As the court ordered a stay on implementation, the farmers must have returned home and look forward for talks in a peaceful manner. This does not look like the case in reality as the farmers have claimed that they will continue their protest until the rollback of new farm laws.

Supreme Court also appointed a four member committee to look into the matter. But looks like farmers are not going to accept it too.

The farmers union has also tagged the Supreme Court appointed committee on farm bill as a biased panel. The committee, they said, included members in favour of the farm laws. "We don't accept this committee, all the members in this committee have been pro-government and these members have been justifying the laws," said Punjab farmers' unions. 

Ordering the formation of the committee today, Chief Justice of India SA Bobde said. "We want to solve the problem and that's why we are making the committee".

"We have the power to appoint a committee, which will submit to us. All who are genuinely interested in solving the problem can go before the committee".

In its order for the formation of the committee, the court made attendance mandatory for representatives of all the farmers' bodies.

"The representatives of all the farmers' bodies, whether they are holding a protest or not and whether they support or oppose the laws shall participate in the deliberations of the Committee and put forth their view points," the court said.

"The Committee shall, upon hearing the Government as well as the representatives of the farmers' bodies, and other stakeholders, submit a report before this court containing its recommendations," the court said.

The committee will have to take a sitting within 10 days and submit their report within two months.