Twitter locks Congress party's official handle

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Twitter locks Congress party's official handle (Image: Pixabay)
Twitter locks Congress party's official handle (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : Twitter on Thursday locked official handle of Congress part for allegedly violating rules of microblogging website.

The Congress informed about locking of official Twitter account on other social media platform.

"When our leaders were put in jails, we were not scared then why would we be afraid of closing our Twitter accounts now. We are Congress, this is the message of the people, we will fight, we will keep fighting. If it is a crime to raise our voice to get justice for the rape victim girl, then we will do this crime a hundred times. Jai Hind... Satyamev Jayate," said the party's post on Facebook.

Reacting to the development, Congress social media head Rohan Gupta said that nothing will stop the party from raising their voice. He also alleged that the actions from Twitter are under the pressure of the government.

Raising questions on microblogging site's action, Gupta said, "Twitter has blocked its account for violation of rules Twitter acting under government pressure. Twitter is acting under the government's pressure. If it is a violation of Twitter policy, then why the photo of the (Victim's) family was there on the Scheduled Caste (SC) commission handle from August 2 to August 5."

On August 7, Twitter had locked the official handle of its leader Rahul Gandhi.