UP man commits suicide after brawl with policemen at COVID vaccination centre

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Suicide (Image: Pixabay)
Suicide (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : Ten policemen have been removed from duty after a UP man committed suicide in Bhagpat district, hours after his brawl with policemen at the vaccination center.

Five of the 10 policemen have been named in an "abetment to suicide" complaint.

The man's body was found hanging from a tree near his village last night.

According to the man’s relatives he was allegedly driven to suicide by the policemen who assaulted him "for no reason" at a vaccination centre in the western UP district. It has also been notified that the policemen had gone to his home where they allegedly beaten his mother.

A 90-second video shot on a mobile phone at the vaccination centre in Baghpat on Monday afternoon has been widely shared on social media. It shows at least two policemen trying to grab the man. A second person who tries to intervene is pushed away by the cops.

Post some struggle, the man managed to run away from the vaccination center.

As per complaint, a brawl began when the policemen stopped the man from entering the vaccination centre despite his name being called by the medical staff.

"The police pushed my son around and, when he asked them why, they started beating him. He was then dragged to a room where he was assaulted with lathis. We managed to get him away from there but later in the evening, many police came to my village home and even assaulted my wife. My son got very scared and ran away. We found his body later," the father said.

"We have filed a case and have removed 10 police personnel from duty. The body has been sent for postmortem and we will not spare anyone," Baghpat's police chief, Abhishek Singh, said in a video statement.