Varun Gandhi allegedly honey-trapped, Arms dealer spills the beans

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BJP MP Varun Gandhi allegedly honey trapped by arms dealer Abhishek Verma
BJP MP Varun Gandhi allegedly honey trapped by arms dealer Abhishek Verma

New Delhi : A US lawmaker on Thursday revealed that one of his business partner and arms dealer Abhishek Verma "honey-trapped" BJP MP Varun Gandhi with a motive to extract sensitive information about arms dealer, taking help of international sex workers.

Lawyer-turned-whistleblower C Edmonds Allen sent two letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office on August 25 and September 16, making allegations against Varun Gandhi.

The letters were backed with photos and CDs of the MP with foreign sex workers in compromising position. 

The letter sent on September 16 alleges that arms dealer Abhishek Verma and associates compromised and blackmailed Varun Gandhi, who was then a member of the parliamentary consultative committee on defence.

Swaraj Abhiyan leaders Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav revealed the documents, except photos, during a press conference and claimed that motive behind this is to show how both the Congress and the BJP "participate in, collude with and protect each other in compromising vital national security interests".

Both BJP MP Varun Gandhi and arms dealer Abhishek Verma have claimed that the allegations are baseless.

Varun Gandhi strongly rejected all charges as "totally ridiculous", holding he would quit politics "even if 1% of all this" was true. 

"The entire information presented does not contain an iota of proof that either I had access or shared any communication regarding sensitive information to Verma," said Varun.


# Varun Gandhi allegedly honey-trapped to compromise National defence security

# Lawyer-turned-whistleblower C Edmonds Allen sends two letters to PMO with CD and photo proofs

# Arms dealer Abhishek Verma honey trapped Varun Gandhi, claimed letter

# Varun Gandhi rejects all claims, says will quit politics if even 1% allegations are proved.