Viral video: Internet hails Bhopal biker who stood up to a bully SUV driver

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New Delhi : Rarely we come across heroes who do not wear the cape, and more rarely on the internet. But breaking this tradition, the video of a biker standing up against an unruly SUV driver in Bhopal has gone viral. 

Captured on a CCTV, the footage shows how a biker in Bhopal stopped an SUV driver coming from the wrong side and how he was beaten up for it, while few intervened. 

The video, posted on Facebook by an acquaintance of the biker, has received over 8.9 million views and counting.

The incident, which took place on Friday afternoon, November 3. It shows a man on the bike refusing to budge even as the SUV threatens to run over him.

As several minutes pass, the biker clicks pictures of the SUV and its license plate. Retaliating to it, the SUV driver steps out of his vehicle and also clicks pictures of the bike's license plate.

As the traffic starts piling on the street, the SUV driver starts hitting the biker, pushing him down the road, and across the police barricades acting as the divider. The biker hits back in self-defence.

Towards the end of the footage, the driver climbs back into his SUV, his shirt ripped apart. 

While only a few passersby tried to help the biker, the internet has hailed him as a hero. 

“World need more people like this rider.. Who dare enough to know the wrong and stand against it till end... Whom 'will' can't be shattered as easily as the wrongdoers think... Highly appreciable initiative, my salute,” Nilay Verma wrote while sharing the video on his Facebook. 

A picture of the First Information Report filed against the SUV driver under various sections of the Indian Penal code was also uploaded on the social media.